• Puppies wanting to be adopted for the holidays

Home for the Holidays

CandyRose final puppy goes today...Miss Pinky. We still have 2 puppy's left from CierraRose's litter of 5 males. These two males are 4 1/2 months old. Some one stated on my Facebook page to keep them that they are too old to find them a home. So wrong. I see a lot of breeders of Maltese especially the smaller ones will not even sell till around 4 months old.

There are good points to getting one this age. For one they have had all their shots till Nov 2018. They have had their dew claws removed. They are pretty much potty trained. And oh so full of love.

It is going to be hard for me to let Mr. Red go. He is so lovable. He only weighed 3.9 ounce at birth. I really did not think he would make it. I checked on him constantly to make sure he was nursing and not getting crowded out. He currently weighs 5 pounds. When I hold him it is like holding a baby Casanova (his daddy). This puppy is so good and so mellow and loving. He has beautiful hair. I am really attached to this guy with holding him so much as a infant. I think he would be a great dog for a older couple.

And Mr. Green. He is also a very loving puppy. He loves to be held and loves to play. He is also utd on all his shots till Nov 2018. He loves to go out side, play and run with the older dogs. He would be great with children.

I love these two pups and of course they think this is where they belong. I long to get them forever homes for Christmas so they can bond with their new families. I normally get $1000.00 for a male puppy and only has his first set of vaccinations, but I have reduced these two to 900.00 to get them in their forever, loving homes.

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