Lynn Vet
We mainly use Lynn Animal Hospital with Doctor Stacy Hines. They are great with the animals and are very passionate an caring. This is our ChrisrmasRose being checked after having puppies.


  Our puppies get their dew claws removed                               at  2 days old


Cheyanne Rose

Don't forget to pick up your Hartgard and Comfortis while you are there. We reccemend that you purchase  a carrier  to take your dog to the vet in. We do not let our dogs out on the floor to run around and we do not take them to go "potty" in the grassy areas at the vet. They can pick up diseases on their paws and then when they lick them then it is in their system. Your vet can clip their nails and check their anal glands. Most groomers will also do this.