About us...

     Maltese have so much love to give. We have owned our

AKC Maltese for several years, each has their own unique

personality characteristics. My husband and I are learning

and loving every moment we have with them, they brought 

us so much love, joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. 


                ... Our goal is to raise a loving and affectionate pup.

     Our pups are handled from birth, by our adult children and grandchildren. Our pups are well socialized and will give you 10 fold the love back, that you give to them.

We are located in Winchester, IN out in the country... our little acre of heaven. These dogs have become our children. You will simply love this breed. 

Several of our dogs have champions in their bloodline.

​- CharminRose has four champions out of a five generation bloodline.

- CierraRose has four champions out of a five generation bloodline.

- Valentino has two champions out of a five generation bloodline. 

- ChristmasRose has four champions out of a six generation bloodline.(Mother's side. Grandfather on father's side is a champion.)

- CandyRose has four champions out of a six generation bloodline. (Mother's side. Grandfather on father's side is a champion.)

     CharminRose and CierraRose are sisters (same mother and father) Cierra is form a later litter. CandyRose and ChristmasRose are CharminRose's daughters.

Dogs are like people...God created each one of them different and unique. When God created each one of us and each little Maltese he broke the mold after each one, none will be the same. I think just maybe Jesus has a Maltese sitting at his feet, with his arms are out stretched   saying "Come to me all you little Maltese!"

We sell our puppies on a limited AKC registration unless

you talk with me and pay extra for breeding rights, or to

show.  Please look over the puppy care section before

taking your new baby home for the first time.  Our pups

come with a blanket we rub on "momma" so puppy can

still smell momma when it goes home.  Sometimes this helps

 in the change of atmospheres.  Our pups come with a

sample of dry food and a can of moist canned food. They also

come with a toy.

     Our pups do not leave our home until they are at least 8 weeks

old this is a state law.  When they come to your house they are well

on there way to potty pad training.
 We  usually do not take pups out side in the grass before they go home to you.  We feel these pups need several rounds of shots in them before being exposed to the grass for the first time. Be careful of the grassy areas you expose your pup too as parvo can lay in the ground for a long time. This usually does not harm adult dogs but can be deadly to a puppy.